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So, we are well into sending out content release forms, and also a cease – n -decist of all photos and intinerary information related to Cyd in this 1600 mile walk. This content form is an agreement between Cyd and participants of a NON release. The participant agrees to not publicize content until after the documentary is released. If by doing so, it is entitled as infringement.

All material collected by social media honor’s Sid’s rights for his book/ documentary. However, if you wish to remain anonymous, please say so! Honoring privatecy is crucial!

The cease was issued back in May, of 2018,.Cyd and his registered associates are now piecing his book/documentary together..

The content form is not a release for the participants yo publicize their material, It is a release of content, by Cyd.

Which will NOT be issued until the Documentary is complete. At this time, everyone is welcome to publicize any photos and stories of Sid in this walk.

It is at this time that Sid Hingerty’s wishes to NOT release content of his 1600 mile journey, except to associated organizational chairpersons.

It is at this time that Sid Hingerty’s rights to this entire 1600 mile walk , (book and documentary) be kept for private publicity.

Everyone is more than welcome to join his venture, in his story!

However, it is at this time that Sid remains his rights.

It’s up to you if you wish to participate in this venture. And of course it is fine if you have you own photos, and stories.. please send them over.. I would love to write your chapter in this book/ we would love to have all of those participants and volunteers involved in the re-creation! It’s my pleasure to assist everyone!!

Please keep in mind, that we are pro-bono.

Cyd appreciates everyone that supported him and continues to reach out and truly hopes everyone will be apart of the finalization, of thus story! Unity!

Thank you so much!!!

Sidney Hingerty’

Ethel Chikwata

Dee Francis