About The Walk

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About The Walk

The Making Of The Documentary.
1600 miles along the European coast to spread awareness about child trafficking. Silent adoptions. Secret Courts. Presenting testimonies and petitions to The House of Lords.

In the words of his own Sid shares his itinerary!

“I didn’t walk to all the parliaments in Europe
But I did walk to all the parliaments in Britain from Dunblane to Edinburgh Parliament in Scotland To Belfast and Dublin Parliament’s in Ireland Cardiff Parliament in Wales to Downing Street and Westminster in London.”

Sid himself has written and collected material for this book and Documentary; along with Ardjuna Clearwater, Ethel Chikwata, and Dee Francis.

Ardjuna was Sid’s assistant during The First Walk; being approximately, the first 500 miles. She was the designated driver of the caravan and was such a blessing of support.
She has sacrificed so much to be a part of this one of a kind project and adventurous journey. Adventurous, true: but extremely gruelling.
To witness such a cause is an incredible event, by itself, But to create, set-forth, and achieve; it is just reward. Plain and simple.

“March For Mercy”: The Story of Mr. Sidney Hingerty in his ‘ walk for justice’© (all rights reserved)

The Reasons Behind The Walk:
Behind The Scenes

Catch the exclusive: written and created by Sid Hingerty & associates.

Check out the stories and testimonies of many!
Interviewing and listening to events are life- changing!

This story is registered. Protected by the Library of Congress and The National Writers Union.


Over 500 photos!!

Check out the gallery!


March for Mercy. The Story of Mr. Sidney HIingerty is registered



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