Community meeting

Thank you for the connection. My name is Dee Francis and I have an announcement, if you will.

We are re creating the 1600 mile walk by Sid Hingerty and associates .

We are requesting a couple of strong group leaders, to attend a community meeting n greet, and begin organizing this very exciting event. If you fit this description and would like to participate in this project, please reach out to Yolande Kenward, Kellie Cottam, Cyd Hingerty, Ethel Chikwata, Ardjuna Cleawater, or myself; as they (we) will have the details.
*The goal is to have a community meeting around the first week of May.

If you will please check out our website I’m sure you will have a better idea of the entire project. We need all hands on deck!! Everyone has talents and stories, it us of upmost importance to unite, at this time. Thank you and look forward to meeting you!

Thank you so much for checking for your time.. All the best
Dee Francis